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Celebrating 17 Years of teen volunteers!
We are a nonprofit organization connecting teens with volunteer opportunities with many nonprofits near them, and in turn, creating empathy and compassion while they build a shareable portfolio of their achievements!
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*In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our members, their families, and our staff including finding opportunities for our members to volunteer virtually from home and supporting online meetings with their groups. We know, like us, some of our families are facing financial difficulties right now. If you need assistance, please reach out to us.

What Makes Lion's Heart Different?

  • We are a Nonprofit Organization.
  • We don’t belong to investors or owners, we belong to the community.
  • All money the organization makes is invested directly back into Lion’s Heart.
  • With that money, we develop programs for our members and help members in need of financial assistance.
  • We do that, so ALL members are able to realize their ability to give back, and, in turn, spread equity across college admissions.

No Fundraising, Flexible, and Dedicated

  • Lion’s Heart is not a fundraising organization, instead, members are encouraged to give back to their communities in meaningful ways while building empathy and positive leadership skills.
  • We have dedicated staff who cultivate age-appropriate nonprofit opportunities for teens for every chapter.
  • Members may also discover volunteer experiences on their own and can enter those experiences into their digital profile.
  • Members can be a part of a group or serve as individual members.

Our Members Grow and Achieve Through Service and Leadership

  • Group members have the opportunity to build leadership skills by hosting meetings, assigning officer roles, and coordinating a community service calendar with their group-mates.
  • Through the Lion’s Heart digital portal, members track hours, earn leadership awards, and export their service portfolio to use on scholarship, college, and career applications.
  • We care. Our vision is to see a world of engaged teens who volunteer in their communities and become dedicated to creating positive social impact for life; because it truly matters.

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It's about time for an organization that modernizes the volunteering experience and makes it teen friendly. After all, it's not about money, it's about time!


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a fun and easy way for teens to jump start their wish to improve the world through volunteering? Lion’s Heart - Teen Volunteers and Leaders can help. We work with local nonprofits to find student-friendly volunteer opportunities and send them directly to our members. Teens have the freedom to choose their favorite places to serve - anything from helping animals at shelters, to supporting our military, to cleaning up beaches or parks, to working at food pantries.


Lion’s Heart - Teen Volunteers and Leaders extracurricular program teaches students to lead and collaborate with other members and friends. We provide a mobile and web platform for teens to build a Digital Volunteer Portfolio, showing their top causes served, awards won and leadership roles held.

95% of alumni included their Lion’s Heart - Teen Volunteers and Leaders volunteer experience on their college applications.

58% of alumni served in leadership positions in college.



They would tell millions of stories of small acts that collectively make a huge impact.









Ways to Give

Service-learning gives teens a front-row seat to challenges facing their communities and hands-on problem-solving experience. Donations help us mobilize more students to serve their communities.

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Our mission is to guide teens in becoming civic minded young adults as they learn 21st Century skills. This is possible through generous support of our technology foundation and affinity partners.

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Corporations focused on giving back are powerful forces. Supporting the nurturing of teen volunteers will make a lasting community impact and future investment in workforce development.

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Becca Tankersley Chief Executive Officer

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Stephanie Rogers Marketing/Creative Director

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Dawn Wood Volunteer Services/Awards Manager

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Dominic Maciel Program Manager

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Chief Financial Officer

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Shari Cushman Volunteer Outreach Manager

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T.O.B.Y. (Think of Others Before Yourself) Lion's Heart Mascot

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