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Description Total
07/17/2021 8:45A‑12:15P We re-mulched the trail. This was important to me because I like the environment and I go on this trail often I did this with my brother and dad, so it was enjoyable too. 3.50
07/11/2021 9:45A‑12:15P I helped to clean out overgrown bushes and pull out weeds from the Point Vicente Interpretive Center's Garden. The garden is set to have Native plants and it is maintained through volunteers. This activity was important to me because this center is an educational center that provides tours for young children and schools so that they could learn about the native plants in Palos Verdes as well as 2.50
07/10/2021 8:45A‑12:15P I helped clean the Abalone Cove Beach. I had volunteered here before and since I liked it I volunteered again. I raked asphalt off a future planter, and helped make rows to plant plants in future volunteering opportunities. 3.50
06/19/2021 9:00A‑12:15P I went to a large beach cleanup and helped clean it up. We found 2 rusted lobster cages which seemed to have been washed ashore. This meant a lot to me because I've gone to that beach many times, and would like to keep it the clean beach it is. 3.25
06/18/2021 10:00A‑7:00P Due to Covid, a small printing business of a senior citizen needed to be downsized. I helped them load heavy printers into a U-Haul truck. This meant a lot to me as in times like these, we should look out for seniors, just like they did to their children. 9.00
06/13/2021 12:45P‑1:45P I helped bring snacks and supported the Miraleste Math Team 1.00
06/13/2021 9:45A‑12:15P I helped clean up the trails of a beach. We used big gardening scissors to cut the bushes off the trail. 2.50
05/16/2021 1:45P‑5:15P I helped pack bags to be distributed at a dog walking event 3.50
05/15/2021 12:45P‑2:15P I helped a group of teens and kids with intellectual disabilities get through these challenging times. 1.50
05/15/2021 8:15A‑12:15P I helped clean up a trail and cut weeds near a horse ring. 4.00
05/11/2021 4:00P‑5:30P I did the Libero tracker job for the refs, and recorded substitutions. This was important to me because I am grateful for anyone who volunteers to ref for my sport, and wanted to return the favor. 1.50
05/08/2021 12:25P‑12:55P Member Recruitment -Shahdad S., Palos Verdes Chapter 0.50
05/07/2021 3:15P‑5:15P I helped run the "Libero Tracker" position for Penn Varsity Volleyball. 2.00
05/05/2021 3:15P‑5:15P I helped with the 3 person point ball system for Penn Varsity Volleyball. 2.00
05/01/2021 10:45A‑12:45P I helped a group of teens and kids with intellectual disabilities get through these challenging times. 2.00
Total Hours for 2021/2022   42.25