Description Total
01/12/2020 6:00P‑6:45P Group Meeting 0.75
01/11/2020 6:15A‑11:00A for this project, I helped do trail maintenance for hiking trails. 4.75
12/16/2019 3:15P‑6:30P For my community service project, I helped fix food sealers. This project was cool because I was helping kids around the world. 3.25
12/15/2019 6:00P‑7:00P Group Meeting 1.00
11/16/2019 2:30P‑8:00P I stuffed stockings for military soldiers who were away. this volunteer session made me feel happy for the people who were in foreign countries, still knowing that their country loved them. 5.50
10/22/2019 4:00P‑5:00P This volunteer project made an impact on me because we helped people in the military who are risking their lives for us. 1.00
10/20/2019 6:00P‑7:00P Group Meeting 1.00
09/29/2019 4:45P‑6:00P I unpacked the boxes for FAM. This was important to me because FAM is an organization I believe in and like to see it succeed 1.25
09/21/2019 9:00A‑12:00P I did a beach cleanup. it was important to me because I swim in the beaches I cleaned so it felt good knowing they were a little cleaner 3.00
08/25/2019 5:45P‑7:15P Group Meeting 1.50
08/05/2019 6:00P‑7:00P I gave crayons and markers to donate to younger kids so that they can have the school supplies they need. 1.00
07/30/2019 4:00P‑5:30P Beach clean up!! 1.50
07/23/2019 7:30A‑12:30P Meal Packing Event 5.00
06/02/2019 6:30P‑8:00P Group Meeting 1.50
06/02/2019 6:30P‑8:00P Group Meeting 1.50
Total Hours for 2019/2020   33.50