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Description Total
09/17/2021 4:00P‑8:00P Help run practices and draft kids during the game. it allows me to give back to my community as I used to play fag football myself . 4.00
07/30/2021 4:00P‑6:00P Coaching the youth athletes where I once played myself. Giving back to my community it felt good. 2.00
07/27/2021 8:00A‑12:30P Help set up and clean up and take kids to different stations. 4.50
07/26/2021 8:00A‑12:30P help clean up and set up for the kids , help guide the kids to the stations. the theme at the nature center camp was Harry Potter. 4.50
07/15/2021 3:00P‑9:00P Help set up concerts in the Canyon at Ronald Ragean park. Also took surveys for Arts in the city and helped clean up and take down booths. This helped me give back to my community as I went to Concerts in the Canyon when I was younger. 6.00
07/10/2021 8:00A‑12:00P involved in a project survey involving city of Anaheim and how art brings a sense of involvement and belonging to our neighborhood and city. The survey provided feedback to our city leaders. 4.00
07/01/2021 12:30P‑9:00P Giving back to the community helping at the theatre by running the event and we helped clean up and also work in the snack shack and be involved in the community. 8.50
06/18/2021 8:00A‑12:30P nature center all week 4.50
06/17/2021 8:00A‑12:30P nature center all week, 4.50
06/16/2021 8:00A‑12:30P nature center all week 4.50
06/15/2021 8:00A‑12:30P Helping at nature center camp all week 4.50
06/14/2021 8:00A‑12:30P paying it forward at nature center, by helping young elementary school kids have fun at outdoor science, educational and fun activities. when I was young I attended this camp and loved learning new things. Now I get to be a camp teenager volunteer and help the younger kids. love being outdoor and helping. . 4.50
Total Hours for 2021/2022   56.00