Description Total
02/09/2020 6:45A‑9:45A I helped set up for a floor hockey tournament for Special Olympics. 3.00
01/12/2020 6:00P‑7:00P Made braided dog toys for rescued dogs 1.00
01/12/2020 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
12/18/2019 6:30P‑8:00P We collected toys and made ornaments for the children who receive services from Birthline. 1.50
12/08/2019 7:00A‑9:30A We made breakfast burritos, packed dog food/treats, and assembled bags of toiletries for the homeless and then distributed them to homeless people in downtown San Diego. 2.50
12/01/2019 7:30A‑9:30A I helped sell Christmas trees and wreaths as a fundraiser to benefit the youth program at my church. 2.00
11/17/2019 7:30A‑9:30A I helped sell Christmas trees and wreaths as a fundraiser for my church's youth program. 2.00
11/03/2019 6:00P‑6:30P We donated items for high school seniors applying to colleges who are first generation college students or low income students. We used the donated items to make gift bags to support them through the stressful process of applying to college. 0.50
11/03/2019 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
10/23/2019 6:30P‑7:30P My confirmation friends and I donated candy for treat bags for our sister parish in Tijuana. I liked this project because we were able to make Halloween fun for children who might not have been able to celebrate it otherwise. 1.00
10/19/2019 11:30A‑3:00P I was a score keeper for a group of Special Olympics golfers and their partners. I made an impact by being a positive and encouraging helper during the tournament and I helped the day go smoothly for the athletes. 3.50
09/15/2019 6:00P‑6:30P We wrote cards for kids in the hospital. 0.50
09/15/2019 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   20.50