Description Total
01/17/2020 3:00P‑4:00P Group Meeting 1.00
12/13/2019 2:30P‑3:30P Group Meeting 1.00
12/06/2019 3:30P‑4:30P Bake sale in support of our City's Adopted 1/11 Battalion (Marine's, Sailors and Families). 1.00
11/26/2019 12:00P‑2:00P Making kits for the homeless and passing them out. 2.00
11/04/2019 8:00A‑9:00A I collected and donated Halloween candy in support of Operation Gratitude. It was important to me to share these treats with the men and women who serve our country. 1.00
10/25/2019 3:00P‑5:00P By taking part in the beach Clean-Up, I made an impact by cleaning up our local beaches. This volunteer project is important to me because I enjoy to go to the beach with my friends. Going to the beach always brings we happiness. We choose this because we wouldn't want to see such beauty go to waste. 2.00
10/25/2019 2:00P‑3:00P Group Meeting 1.00
09/27/2019 2:15P‑3:15P Group Meeting 1.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   10.00