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12/28/2022 9:00A‑3:30P Friendship Circle in Newport Beach Winter Camp 2022 for kids with special needs. Today we took the kids to Rockin Jump a trampoline park. I was assigned a kid and I watch over him while at the trampoline park. I made sure he was having fun and being safe. 6.50
12/27/2022 9:00A‑3:30P I volunteered at Friendship Circle in the city of Newport Beach Winter camp 2022. It is a day camp for children with special needs. Today we did outdoor yoga with the kids, we also did winter bingo and a marshmallow snowman challenge (snowman stress balls). It was a chanllange the kid assingned to me to participate but we did it. I made sure he was having a good time and be a friend to him. We 6.50
12/26/2022 9:00A‑3:30P I volunteered at Friendship Circle in Newport Beach winter camp for children with special needs. Today we took the kids on a fieldtrip to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. I was assingned a child to watch over for the day. We talked and play and I tried my best to make it a fun day for him, I also made sure he was safe and stayed with the group. 6.50
12/23/2022 9:30A‑2:30P Today was movie day at the irvine spectrum. We walked around Irvine spectrum watch a movie and had lunch. I helped watching the kids and making sure they had a good time while being safe. I really enjoyed working with the kids and I will definately do it again. 5.00
12/22/2022 9:00A‑3:30P I volunteered at Friendship circle today for special need kids. Today we went to Bonita Creek Park and the highlights of the day was rice cake polar bears, artic animals snow globes, petting zoo, outdoor snowball fight. I helped with setting up and putting things away as well as bening with the kid I was assigned with all day. We played games and had a really good time. I am glad I got a chanc 6.50
12/13/2022 3:00P‑8:00P I received 5 volunteer hours for the Annual Christmas Outreach. Our school has collected and sent 750 gifts, plus other donations to our military families at Camp Pendienton and now thru 3 Santa Ana based organizations, our goals is to provide 1,000 gifts. I was part of helping them reach their goal. 5.00
12/11/2022 1:00P‑4:30P Friendship Circle is an oranization for individuals with special needs. I volunteered at Sunday Circle and worked one on one with a kid with Autism. We played games and hang out for a couple of hours. I also helped set up before the event. 3.50
12/04/2022 2:00P‑3:30P My mom told me about this kid in my little brothers taekuando that has a rare disease called Creating Deficiencies. There is not a lot known about this disease and there is no cure, but when my mom told me the age of the kid (5yrs) same age as my little brother it really hit me and I wanted to help. My mom said she was going to match what ever I was able to raise. I did some chores around the 1.50
12/03/2022 5:00A‑9:00A Christmas Tree distribution, I helped unloading and sorting trees as well as setting up the area. 4.00
11/22/2022 12:00P‑2:00P Went to Huntington Beach down Sea Cliff and picked up trash in the area. We also picked up the trash down the nature area while walking down Sea Point. 2.00
11/16/2022 3:00P‑8:00P I got 5 hours of volunteer time for the Thanksgiving Outreach volunteer event at Mater Dei High School. We gather food and giftcards and distribute it to the community in need in Santa Ana. 5.00
10/02/2022 4:30P‑7:30P I helped at the concession booth 3.00
10/01/2022 4:30P‑7:30P I helped at the concession booth 3.00
Total Hours for 2022/2023   58.00