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06/26/2022 10:00A‑4:00P My mom and I took out some of my old clothes that didn't fit me and we decided to take them to a donation bin near outside of a gas station. We chose to donate my clothes because they were in perfect quality and they could be used by people who are in need. 6.00
06/25/2022 7:00P‑9:00P I stayed after my class at the temple to clean up. My friends and I vacuumed the rooms and sweeped the halls. 2.00
06/25/2022 12:00P‑4:30P My friends and I stayed after our temple graduation to help clean up and put everything away. We folded sheets, took off a row of balloons, threw the garbage away, and took off the stuff that was put up. 4.50
06/19/2022 4:00P‑6:45P I went to my friends community and we saw that there was a lot of trash on the sideways of the back roads so we decided to go and clean up. We picked up as much trash as we found. This impacted the environment because it became a safe and healthy place to stay. 2.75
06/18/2022 12:00P‑4:15P The volunteer service I did was assist helping to set up for a party. My friend and I assisted by helping set up decorations, and making sure everything was going good during the party. 4.25
06/09/2022 2:30P‑6:00P My classmates and I stayed after school to help assist and volunteer at our school for Parent Academy. We showcased our projects and led parents all around the school as well. We were able to assist the teachers while they were busy helping someone else or away doing something important. 3.50
05/24/2022 3:45P‑8:00P I stayed after school with some friends and classmates to help volunteer. We led parents all around the school because there were parent teacher conferences. 4.25
05/22/2022 4:45P‑6:00P I was able to help my grandmother by gardening plants and flowers all around the outside of our house. I watered them aswell. 1.25
05/21/2022 7:00P‑9:15P I stayed back after my class ended to help clean up the rooms, hallway, and stair case with my friends at our temple. 2.25
05/21/2022 1:00P‑5:30P My friends and I helped set up for a party that was taking place. Our help made a difference because the people who were throwing the party were behind on schedule and they wouldn't have gotten to finish everything without the help from us. 4.50
05/15/2022 3:45P‑6:45P My friends and I went outside and we saw that there was a lot of litter all around so we decided to clean up the community, so it's a better place for people and animals as well. 3.00
05/14/2022 6:00P‑8:45P My friends and I stayed after class at the BAPS temple in Robbinsville, and we cleaned up all of the rooms. We vacuumed the rooms and swept the halls. 2.75
05/12/2022 2:30P‑3:45P I stayed over after school, for student council and we decided to brainstorm on volunteer ideas and we decided to start sketching flyers to put all around the school 1.25
05/08/2022 5:00P‑7:00P I volunteered to tutor 2 kids who were young because they needed some help in math and reading but, my friend couldn't find the time to help them, so I was able to tutor both of them for an hour each. 2.00
05/07/2022 7:00P‑9:15P This volunteer project was important because I was able to help seniors and other at the BAPS temple in Robbinsville. I took dishes at the trash can during dinner and helped getting food for some elderly people. 2.25
05/05/2022 2:30P‑3:45P I stay after school as a member of the student council and we went over volunteer ideas we could go through. We started today by brainstorming on volunteer ideas and looking online for some places. 1.25
05/01/2022 4:30P‑6:30P My friends and I went out for a walk and saw a lot of litter on the side of the road, so we decided to go home and get some supplies to help pick up the litter. We started around 4:30 pm and finished at about 6:10-6:15pm. Our cleaning made an impact to the community because we were able to clean the environment and it would be a safer place for people as well as animals. 2.00
Total Hours for 2022/2023   49.75