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01/08/2023 12:00P‑4:00P Collected food cans from neighbors in Del Prado community and donated to the Tri-city collection boxes in the Fremont Mall. 4.00
12/26/2022 9:00A‑2:00P Planned and conducted the life of a karate coach to inspire kids/ youth who are being bullied and don't see a path forward on how to turn around life by working hard and being focussed on finding hope even in the darkest situation 5.00
Total Hours for 2023/2024 4.00
12/25/2022 9:30A‑1:00P Baked cookies and bread and passed it out to a homeless woman living across the Tennis park in Del Prado community. My mom also gave her some money to celebrate Christmas. 3.50
12/11/2022 10:00A‑2:00P Planned and conducted session for 32 highschool students families in my community on value of diversity, helping build friendships and brought in panelists to discuss these issues. 4.00
12/10/2022 8:30A‑12:15P Distributed food baskets to community members 3.75
11/13/2022 5:00P‑8:00P Helped a Junior at my Highschool with suicide prevention thoughts. Got the school, Pleasanton police and counsellors involved. Talked to the kid for almost 3 hours on Discord and helped him change his mind. 3.00
11/11/2022 3:00P‑7:00P Prepped and hosted live session for high schoolers in my community related to finance, investing, startups etc to help alleviate stress for kids in choosing careers while in highschool. Learning from professionals who have done it will help with the mental health and reduce stress all around. 4.00
11/06/2022 3:00P‑6:00P Baked Macarons and shared with my French class student and French teacher as pre-class treat to spread the joy of the macarons as well as my love for French culture. Many folks had never eaten this treat and it was great to give a wonderful delicious start the day. 3.00
11/05/2022 10:30A‑2:30P Collected 35lbs of Halloween Candy from my Del Prado community to donate to TriCity Volunteer food bank. Most of my neighbors throw away candy after the event and I collected them to be used by those who need them. 4.00
10/31/2022 4:30P‑6:30P Baked Halloween themed cupcakes for the elderly neighbour (Mr Doug) to spread Halloween spirit. His kids have moved out and he was happy to get cupcakes, 2.00
10/31/2022 8:00A‑12:15P Setup fresh produce distribution at TCV site for 200 families from Fremont, Hayward, Dublin and Pleasanton. Chatted and joked with community members coming to get food and helped them have fun while getting groceries. 4.25
10/13/2022 8:30P‑9:30P Helping foster kid with piano playing 1.00
10/12/2022 7:30P‑8:30P Helping foster kids to play piano 1.00
10/11/2022 8:00P‑9:00P Helping with piano for foster kid to play the piano 1.00
10/10/2022 8:30P‑9:30P Helping foster kid to play piano. 1.00
10/09/2022 7:30P‑8:30P Helping a foster kid get back to playing the piano 1.00
10/08/2022 8:00P‑9:00P Piano lesson for foster kid to help them play piano 1.00
10/07/2022 8:00P‑9:00P Piano session for Foster kid to give them joy of music and connect with music 1.00
10/06/2022 8:00P‑9:00P Piano session for Foster kid to give them joy of music and connect with music 1.00
10/05/2022 3:00P‑5:00P Baked cupcakes my neighbor's kid Hamad (4th grade) who got fever to cheer him up. 2.00
10/02/2022 11:00A‑2:00P Help first gen kids with succeeding in highschool. Brought in 57 families along with 3 college students to walk them through their highschool journey and their college process;. 3.00
09/27/2022 4:00P‑4:30P New member training 0.50
09/18/2022 1:00P‑4:00P Planned and ran a workshop for 57 of Pleasanton, Dublin community families on how to make highschool easy. I got 5 seniors and ran a workshop around HS experience, how to take notes, study, work with teachers to help struggling families who don't have experience with the american schools. 3.00
09/17/2022 6:00P‑7:45P As part of the national cleanup day, I went to the bus stop on Hopyard street, Pleasanton and cleaned it up along with the parking lot behind it. Lots of paper cups, bottles, spoons, etc were there making their way to the storm drains. 1.75
09/11/2022 10:30A‑12:30P The project involved staining a park bench which is going to be installed in the Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore. The benches will serve as resting and picnic areas for hikers and bikers in the park. One of my fellow scout is doing this as part of his eagle project and I volunteered my time to stain the bench to protect them from weather. 2.00
09/03/2022 8:00A‑10:15A Picked up trash along the route to and from my home to my high school. The streets had always looked pretty clean and I was actually surprised that there was so much trash to be found when I started looking for it. I plan to organize an event with the NHS club in my school for more of these trash picking days. 2.25
08/28/2022 1:00P‑4:00P Today I was able to give back to my cub scout pack 546 where I had started my scouting and graduated out when I went to middle school. As part of the event, I helped run the Packnik for pack 546 of BSA in Dublin. I ran game stations for younger kids and talked to them about the values to scouting. I also explained to them the life skills and experiences which boy scouts learn and the life long imp 3.00
08/27/2022 9:00A‑12:00P Trinity center in Walnut Creek helps unhoused people by providing them breakfast and lunch. It also helps them pick out clothes and shoes. Also people can sign up to take showers and do laundry. The center was a very clean and welcoming. As part of the service, we went out the city and handed out water, survival kits to homeless people. We also went to Bart and Library and gave out some kits and f 3.00
08/15/2022 6:00P‑8:15P No contact information was provided and Dawn Wood approved hours to be added to volunteer log. During the day of event, I arrived early and did a 30min quick prep to ensure everything is ready. We double checked the flags to ensure they will be hoisting correctly. The mayor of San Ramon had been at an event earlier in the day, when the organizers hoisted the flag in the upside down. I wanted to m 2.25
08/14/2022 5:00P‑7:00P No contact information was provided and Dawn Wood approved hours to be added to volunteer log. Final rehearsal for the Flag hoisting ceremony in the city of Pleasanton, to get the scouts ready for the event. I also taught the adults who hadn't participated in American flag ceremony on the protocols and etiquettes around hoisting the American flag. When I put on my scouts uniform, I represent the 2.00
08/12/2022 5:00P‑7:00P No contact information was provided and Dawn Wood approved hours to be added to volunteer log. I worked with the boy and girl scouts from 5 different troops to teach them and get them ready to hoist the American flag and Indian flag to celebrate the 75th Indian Independence day on August 15,2022. I showed them how to march, hold the flag, prepare the flag and to work as a team. I also taught th 2.00
Total Hours for 2022/2023   71.25