Description Total
02/23/2020 7:00P‑8:00P Made encouraging cards to donate to sick children in hospitals. 1.00
02/23/2020 6:00P‑7:00P Group Meeting 1.00
02/07/2020 8:00A‑2:00P Volunteered in third grade classroom - graded papers, made homework packets and assisted around the classroom. 6.00
01/25/2020 7:45A‑2:00P Helped set up snack bar, auction baskets and apparel sale table. Sold raffle tickets and helped clean up and tear down after event. 6.25
01/23/2020 8:00A‑1:30P Volunteered at Concordia University Heritage Garden. Pulled weeds and raked mulch all over the garden area. 5.50
10/20/2019 7:00P‑8:00P Put together bags of personal care items to donate to the local homeless community. 1.00
10/20/2019 6:30P‑7:00P Group Meeting 0.50
09/22/2019 5:30P‑6:00P Group Meeting 0.50
09/22/2019 3:30P‑5:30P San Clemente Beach clean up day. 2.00
06/27/2019 6:45P‑7:15P Group Meeting 0.50
05/19/2019 4:30P‑5:00P Group Meeting 0.50
05/18/2019 8:30A‑11:30A Package meals to send overseas to starving children. 3.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   27.75