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Victoria B
Mikayla C
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07/05/2020 11:00A‑1:00P My team walked respecting social distancing around BRP to raise awareness for SPCA. We wanted to raise awareness for adopting pets and save them from “ kill centers”. We were able to successfully complete the walk. 2.00
07/02/2020 3:00P‑5:15P Online learning doesn't have to be hard. Peer2Peer tackles barriers to education such as the coronavirus outbreak and high costs head on. Knowing the benefits of peer tutoring in person, there's no reason learning should stop just because of a pandemic. I tutor children on-line children who may have fallen behind in school work because of school closings. I spend 1 hour preparing lesson sent to m 2.25
07/01/2020 4:00P‑5:00P Set-up website to raise awareness for SPCA walk to help dogs and cats , and protect them from kill centers. 1.00
06/27/2020 4:45P‑5:45P I am a “ PenPal for Life” for several residents at the Bristol Assisted Living and also the Kensington Assisted Living. I write personalized letters to residents unable to receive visits from family and friends during this pandemic. 1.00
06/27/2020 4:00P‑4:45P I am a Pen Pal foe seniors living at the New Jewish Home who do not have contact with family and friends during the pandemic. 0.75
06/06/2020 12:00P‑2:21P Step to Accept was a concept. A way to keep us moving during quarantine, keep us afloat and help sustain Playhouses at a time when 50+ fundraising events were forced to be canceled. What we underestimated at that moment was the power of this historic opportunity for our 60 GiGi's locations and startups to come together as one! By seeing ourselves as one collective GiGi's Playhouse. GiGi Playho 2.35
05/28/2020 3:30P‑4:45P I wrote to my pen pals at nursing homes and added photos . The letters are for elderly at nursing homes who are in quarantine and cannot see loved ones and friends. 1.25
05/28/2020 3:15P‑4:15P Letters of Love program. Composed a letter for seniors at the New Jewish home. During COVId-19 I have been unable to visit the NJH with my dog, Tucker. Many of the residents feel isolated and alone. Letters of Love allow me to correspond with the residents and keep in touch. 1.00
05/24/2020 10:00A‑11:30A Operation a Gratitude. I created 50 “ Thank you for your service “ cards for Veteran residents at the New Jewish Home. I delivered the cards to the home as well. This was in honor of Veterans living at the Nursing Home. 1.50
05/23/2020 2:45P‑3:45P Gigi’s playhouse is an organization that offers much needed programs for children and adults with a Down Syndrome. Many of their programs were canceled or suspended due to COVId- 19. I signed up and created a team for a charity walk they are hosting on 6/6 to raise money for their organization. I also spent time creating a team webpage for the event to send out to potential donors . 1.00
05/23/2020 2:15P‑3:45P I participated in “ Operation Gratitude” , which entailed making and composing 50 “ thank you for your service” cards for senior residents at the Kensington Assisted Living home. I also delivered the cards to the home. 1.50
05/21/2020 1:30P‑2:45P I registered to volunteer for the program “ Pen Pals for Life”. During COVId-19 many elderly at nursing homes have been in quarantine. I read an article how many of the elderly feel isolated and alone. This program was started to help elderly feeling isolated . I was assigned 4 residents at a home and write letters , poems, stories, etc. to them weekly. 1.25
05/19/2020 3:00P‑4:15P I am volunteering for the project, “ Letters of Love”. Program. We have launched a “Letters of Love” program to connect our residents with people who care all over the world. The need for the healing power of connection has never been greater – and these thoughtful messages brighten the day for the older adults we care for. Letters of Love is a campaign in which volunteers write and send letters 1.25
Total Hours for 2020/2021   18.10