Description Total
02/01/2020 8:45A‑11:30A We helped at Feeding San Diego to make sure the food wasn’t damaged 2.75
01/26/2020 3:00P‑9:00P We went to Ronald McDonald house and served all the people tacos and burritos 6.00
01/12/2020 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
12/08/2019 6:45A‑10:00A Santi, Noah, and I fed homeless people with Burrito Boyz 3.25
11/17/2019 12:00P‑2:00P Jack and I first made some packets and then we all unloaded trucks full of stuff for the families and then we sorted the stuff by which family they go to 2.00
11/07/2019 3:00P‑4:00P Tyler and I helped Mrs Torres with the garden by removing the old compost 1.00
11/03/2019 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
09/15/2019 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
08/23/2019 10:00A‑2:45P I helped my mom get her classroom ready for the start of the school year 4.75
08/22/2019 10:30A‑2:15P Charlie and I delivered boxes to all the classrooms and then we helped our moms do other things 3.75
08/09/2019 8:30A‑12:00P I helped at the Canyon Springs soccer camp 3.50
08/08/2019 8:30A‑12:00P I helped at the Canyon Springs soccer camp 3.50
08/07/2019 8:15A‑12:00P I helped at the Canyon Springs soccer camp 3.75
07/22/2019 7:00A‑3:00P We helped with various things at the Adaptive Sports camp in Mission Bay 8.00
07/03/2019 9:00A‑1:00P We set up for the Fourth of July event at Hoyt Park 4.00
06/12/2019 8:30A‑10:30A We helped my mom do various things at Jerabek 2.00
06/03/2019 3:30P‑5:00P Charlie and I put together a bench 1.50
05/18/2019 6:30A‑5:30P We went down to Mexico and helped paint a house that was built for a Mexican family 11.00
05/17/2019 2:30P‑8:00P We helped my mom with the food and the jumpies 5.50
05/15/2019 2:30P‑4:30P Charlie and I set up a bench in the garden at Jerabek 2.00
05/02/2019 2:30P‑4:30P I helped for the opening day at the STEAM lab at Jerabek Elementary. 2.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   73.25