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Description Total
09/19/2021 2:00P‑4:00P Attached lollipops to Notes for Seniors cards received from Lion's Heart members. Delivered notes to two senior homes. 2.00
08/12/2021 4:00P‑6:30P Pick up donated dog food in Santa Ana and distribute to dog rescue. Load and unload shipment. 2.50
07/12/2021 6:00P‑8:00P Handed out "Notes for Seniors" which is my campaign to give seniors happy notes. I've already received 200 notes from Lion's Heart members and I've written over 100 notes. Handed out at Bayshire Rancho Mirage Senior Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. 2.00
07/11/2021 3:00P‑4:00P Taped lollipops on Notes for Seniors cards that I will be distributing to a senior center tomorrow in Ranch Mirage, CA. Notes have words of encouragement written. 1.00
07/10/2021 8:30A‑11:45A Transported dog food and set up for dog rescue adoption clinic outside Petsmart in San Juan Capistranol 3.25
07/09/2021 9:00A‑11:15A Transported donated dog food from Santa Ana Warehouse to San Clemente to be given to rescue dogs. 2.25
06/26/2021 10:00A‑12:15P Picked up dog food at warehouse in Santa Ana and delivered it to rescue. 2.25
06/14/2021 12:00P‑2:00P Helped gather and organize items for sale for rummage sale. 2.00
06/11/2021 9:45A‑12:15P Packed and delivered food to seniors. 2.50
05/21/2021 9:45A‑12:15P Packed and delivered meals to senior's homes. 2.50
05/07/2021 9:45A‑12:15P Packed and delivered meals to senior's home. 2.50
05/01/2021 9:45A‑12:00P Packed and delivered meals to senior's homes. 2.25
Total Hours for 2021/2022   27.00