Member Name
Inaya K
Chloe L
Description Total
05/30/2020 2:00P‑7:00P We had website planning (which we will be redoing) and our Mental Health Webinar 5.00
05/29/2020 8:00P‑10:15P Promotions for upcoming events and our Project 100 (on June 11) 2.25
05/22/2020 3:30P‑5:00P We had our Resume Building and Interview skills prep and webinar 1.50
05/21/2020 7:45P‑8:30P We separated and created a delegated workload and to-do list to organize for our summer events and projects. 0.75
05/20/2020 9:00A‑12:45P I worked on promos for Project 100 and other small details. 3.75
05/19/2020 11:15A‑1:00P Held a meeting with the president to work out details and what work needed to be done. 1.75
05/18/2020 4:00P‑9:15P We had a general meeting in regards to our upcoming project. 5.25
05/18/2020 12:00P‑3:00P We worked on many promos for our upcoming events and projects. 3.00
05/17/2020 3:15P‑6:45P I did more project planning for our Project 100 (100 Challenge) 3.50
05/16/2020 1:00P‑7:00P We worked out the details of the actual project and our encore meeting for College Life and Admissions Process 6.00
05/15/2020 9:30P‑11:45P We worked on our UCI Proposal for our project and finalized it to submit. 2.25
05/14/2020 9:00P‑11:15P We worked on more updating and organizing of our UCI proposal and promotions for upcoming meetings. 2.25
05/13/2020 9:00P‑11:45P We worked again later on and updated our plans for our project 2.75
05/13/2020 11:00A‑2:15P We worked on our upcoming webinar, planning for our project to help out UCI students who are stuck in their dorms and are unable to go home, and finalizing our "Alone Together" video. 3.25
05/12/2020 9:30P‑10:30P I did some updates to our quarantine video before publishing it. 1.00
05/12/2020 6:15P‑6:30P We did some quick updates and planning for our Mental Health and our Human Resource meetings. 0.25
05/10/2020 12:45P‑2:30P We worked to create our "Alone Together" quarantine video to help remind everyone that they are not alone. 1.75
05/09/2020 3:15P‑6:00P We had our College Life and Admissions Process webinar. 2.75
05/09/2020 1:30P‑2:30P We did lots of website updating and revisions to make it more user friendly. 1.00
05/07/2020 9:00P‑11:00P We had planning for our meeting that Saturday on College Life and Admissions Process. 2.00
05/05/2020 6:00P‑6:30P We worked on promos for our webinar meeting that coming week.  0.50
05/01/2020 10:30A‑12:30P Our board finalized webinar details with our guest speaker, Courtney Krol, worked on speaker guidelines and updating our google classroom for our members. 2.00
Total Hours for 2020/2021   54.50