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Sonia P
*Chapter Founder
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02/18/2020 1:00P‑3:00P Today, we did the same thing that we did on Saturday. We sorted hair, and there was a major improvement from how we worked. 2.00
02/15/2020 1:00P‑4:00P For this volunteer activity, we organized hair that has been donated from all over the United States. We organized by length, color, type, ect, and grouped characteristics that were of those similar traits to make a wig for people who need them. 3.00
02/14/2020 2:30P‑3:30P Today, we discussed many upcoming volunteer activities that our group will partake in, as well as clear up any hours that we have done. 1.00
02/14/2020 1:30P‑3:00P Group Meeting 1.50
12/15/2019 3:00P‑5:00P Group Meeting 2.00
12/15/2019 2:00P‑3:00P This community service was for a Lions Heart meeting, where we started off the year discussing members, upcoming volunteer activites, ect. 1.00
12/14/2019 8:30A‑3:30P This act of community service was for kids who love debating with all their heart. I recently joined debate, so it was incredible watching all these kids pour their hearts out to me, as I was the judge. 7.00
11/23/2019 8:00A‑3:00P This community service was at Christopher Morley Park, and was to help citizens in our community to be able to enjoy their local park to the best of their ability. We raked leaves, cleaned, and picked up any stray items or sticks. 7.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   24.50