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02/29/2020 9:00A‑1:30P Prepared individual lunch bags to hand out in the center of Providence RI to the hungry. I've done this several times now and I finally had the chance to meet the founder of this project. I loved learning his background, why he started this project and hearing all the efforts it takes to gain food donations from local businesses. His project has grown so much over the past few years and I see h 4.50
02/08/2020 12:00P‑3:00P I organized, set up and facilitated the town community "Thinking Day" Event. This event allows young Girl Scouts the chance to explore learning about other countries. They learn about the culture, food, games and important information about the region. I really enjoy seeing the girls get excited about learning. I love seeing them show so much interest in other cultures. Giving them this oppor 3.00
01/23/2020 3:00P‑4:00P GOLD AWARD: Presented via my power point presentation my overall proposal to educate the three Middle School Health teachers on how the classes should be taught and implemented for the 7 & 8th grades with the subject of Mental Health Stigmas and what should be shared for the Franklin Mental Health Awareness Day that is held in our schools every year. The Assistant Superintendent was at the meet 1.00
01/14/2020 7:30A‑9:30A GOLD AWARD: Spoke on the Franklin TV Cable representing as a student member of the Wellness Advisory Council. Presented how I am changing the Middle School Health lesson plans and was open to feedback to gain others perspectives. I answered questions and received opinions and suggestions. I did this during school hours but needed to attend as a volunteer on this board/council. 2.00
01/12/2020 1:00P‑4:00P GOLD AWARD: Prepared and created power point presentation that will be presented to the Franklin Public School Administration on 1/23/20. I wrote and practiced presenting to the group. There will be teachers from all three Middle Schools, Assistant Superintendent and the Director of Wellness. 3.00
12/08/2019 9:45A‑2:00P Helped organize and unpack boxes of toys/gifts and place on shelves. Packed bags for families and brought out to pickup shed. This organization is wonderful and allows so many families to have a nice holiday. 4.25
12/04/2019 4:45P‑8:45P The PCC held a Holiday Shop. This Event allowed the kids to shop for family members with affordable gifts under $5.00. I assisted with the tickets (method they paid items with) and cleaned up event at the end. I really enjoyed helping the kids choose gifts and help them with their counting of money. It was a great way for them to learn about counting money and choosing gifts that fit within th 4.00
11/26/2019 7:30A‑8:30A Attended a Wellness Advisory Council meeting volunteering as a Franklin student representative. I enjoy these meetings because they really listen to my perspective on the varied projects they are all trying to implement into the schools. I love learning from their perspective as well. They are Teachers, School Psychologists, YMCA Administrator, Director of Food Services, Principles , PE teache 1.00
11/24/2019 9:30A‑2:30P Organized toys/gifts on shelves, unpacked boxes, filled family bags with requested gifts. I love helping with this foundation. It helps so many families in need during the holidays and allows families to experience the holiday's without the stress of buying gifts when funds are tight. I wish I could do more to help them. 5.00
11/12/2019 6:00P‑8:00P GOLD AWARD: Created a visually interesting poster/flyer in Photoshop to provide specifically 6th grade students with resources for kids to learn more information about mental health and how to get help if needed. The teachers plan to hand this out to all Middle School students this year in their health class. So every student in grade 6 will see my message! So excited. 2.00
11/11/2019 3:30P‑6:30P GOLD AWARD: Worked on preparing power point slide presentation to include videos and hand out materials for the Middle School Wellness Classes. 3.00
11/09/2019 10:30A‑12:30P GOLD AWARD: Worked on slide show presentation to present proposed new lesson plan to the Middle School Wellness classes. I will be presenting to the Wellness teachers. 2.00
11/07/2019 8:00P‑9:00P GOLD AWARD: Researched videos and other resources to help develop my new lesson plan for the Middle Schools. 1.00
10/29/2019 7:30A‑8:30A Represented Franklin High School students during the Student Wellness Advisory Council meeting. 1.00
10/03/2019 4:00P‑5:00P GOLD AWARD: Created a movement activity for the kids to do with the lesson plan I am creating. This will help them get talking about the issues of bullying to kids with invisible disabilities. I made this to allow students to keep attention on the topic. Kids learn in different ways. 1.00
08/14/2019 7:00P‑10:00P GOLD AWARD: Researched youth chapter books that taught lessons through the story telling on Mental health related matters. I kept notes from conversations I had with a few 5, 6 7 grade teachers to learn from their "favorites", read countless reviews and summaries on line, and even checked out books from our library so I could personally look closer/read as many as possible to determine which wou 3.00
06/22/2019 8:00A‑1:00P Prepared, cooked, assembled and distributed 300 meals to the homeless and hungry on the streets of Providence RI. This is a great program. Its amazing to see how many people and families wait for us to arrive knowing they will get a hot meal. It felt great to help them and they seemed quite grateful. I always enjoy this and can't wait to do it again. 5.00
05/11/2019 1:00P‑4:30P Tea for Two Event: Planned, set up , ran and cleaned up for a Tea Party Mothers Day event for the youth in Franklin, Open to the public. It was nice seeing Mom's spend time with their girls dressed up using real fine china and learning etiquette. We ran a photo booth as well. Event went off successfully and they all seemed to have a great time! 3.50
05/07/2019 7:30A‑8:30A GOLD AWARD: Presented my goals and action steps and what had been accomplished to date. Represented in the meeting as a student volunteer representative. 1.00
05/03/2019 2:00P‑3:00P GOLD AWARD: Met with Dr. Egoff at Bradley Hospital in RI. I obtained a consult to review my approach with sensitivity in subject matter to best approach teaching on the invisible disability subject matter. I wanted to be sure I had accurate information and best suggestions to ensure my lesson plans are sensitive and have a proper approach to the students. I was so excited that she shared posit 1.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   51.25