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Description Total
03/06/2023 5:30P‑9:15P Showing parents and future students around the school. Introducing them to teachers and showing them the programs our school offers. 3.75
03/06/2023 3:30P‑5:30P Setting up for the 8th grade expo at San Clemente High School. Setting up tables for each sport, club, and elective. Helping groups decorate their tables and setting up tech equipment for speakers. 2.00
01/29/2023 3:00P‑4:30P Making Valentines Day cards for senior citizens. 1.50
01/29/2023 3:00P‑4:00P Group Meeting 1.00
01/29/2023 6:45A‑11:15A Spring Spirit Assembly- Running through dances with sports teams, helping teachers run their games, and tearing down all of the decorations and tech gear. 4.50
01/25/2023 7:00P‑10:45P Setting up for the Spring spirit assembly- decorating areas and helping sports teams run through their dances. 3.75
12/07/2022 10:00A‑11:30A Bringing pie and coffee to office staff/teachers to show our appreciation. 1.50
Total Hours for 2023/2024 16.50
12/03/2022 4:00P‑8:00P Working Puttin on the Glitz- giving out hot chocolate and cookies to people downtown. 4.00
10/22/2022 8:00A‑10:30A Tearing down Homecoming floats after the Homecoming game/parade. 2.50
10/21/2022 1:00P‑4:00P Homecoming Parade- getting teams and clubs in order for going down Del Mar and staying after to clean up trash left behind. 3.00
10/21/2022 7:00A‑12:30P Building Homecoming floats for the parade downtown. 5.50
10/16/2022 4:00P‑8:15P Area build for Homecoming- decorating the school and our class areas based on our grades theme for Homecoming. 4.25
10/09/2022 3:00P‑5:15P Building and painting props/backdrop for Homecoming float and area build. 2.25
10/01/2022 10:30A‑12:30P Building and painting backdrop/decorations for Homecoming float. 2.00
09/29/2022 6:00A‑11:30A Fall spirit assembly- setting up/tearing down decorations, getting teams in order for performances, setting up teacher competitions 5.50
09/28/2022 8:00P‑11:00P Setting up for spirit assembly- decorating class sections and getting sports teams in order to dance. 3.00
09/25/2022 3:00P‑5:15P Painting and building props/backdrop for Homecoming 2.25
09/08/2022 5:00P‑8:30P Showing parents around the school and leading them to their children's classrooms 3.50
08/11/2022 7:00A‑12:30P Showing incoming freshmen around the school- playing games, introducing them, and giving tours 5.50
08/02/2022 7:15A‑12:15P Working registration- giving tours, handing out books, collecting forms. 5.00
08/01/2022 7:00A‑12:00P Registration setup for SCHS- setting up tables, stations, and the librart 5.00
Total Hours for 2022/2023   54.75