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Description Total
08/16/2021 12:45P‑2:15P Link Crew volunteer work - an organization that helps orientate incoming freshman students to high school (Provide guidance, support, show students the campus, act as a resource for students). 1.50
08/12/2021 6:45A‑1:15P Link Crew Leader 6.50
08/10/2021 7:45A‑1:15P Link Crew Leader 5.50
08/09/2021 7:45A‑1:15P Link Crew Leader 5.50
07/16/2021 4:45P‑8:15P Camp counselor. 3.50
07/15/2021 4:45P‑8:15P Camp counselor for 1st graders. 3.50
07/14/2021 4:45P‑8:15P Camp counselor 3.50
07/13/2021 4:45P‑8:15P Camp counselor for 1st graders at summer camp. 3.50
07/12/2021 4:45P‑8:15P Led group of first-graders in all aspects of summer camp (activities, singing and worship, education). 3.50
07/10/2021 8:00A‑9:30A Training for camp counselor position. 1.50
Total Hours for 2021/2022   38.00