Description Total
10/12/2019 2:30P‑3:00P Group Meeting 0.50
09/08/2019 3:00P‑3:30P Group Meeting 0.50
08/17/2019 7:00A‑11:00A I helped garden the the plants around the school to get the school ready for a new school year. 4.00
08/16/2019 2:00P‑5:00P I helped fold cloths and pack them away to give to the homeless. 3.00
08/02/2019 8:30A‑12:15P Helping kids improve their swimming and have fun at camp 3.75
08/01/2019 8:30A‑12:15P Helping kids advance on their skills and have fun 3.75
07/31/2019 8:30A‑12:30P Helping kids swim to get kids ready for swim team and teaching them fun ways of swimming 4.00
07/30/2019 8:15A‑12:15P Helping kids get ready for swim teams and helping them with different activities during camp so they can have fun 4.00
07/29/2019 8:30A‑12:15P Helping kids have fun at camp while teaching them to swim 3.75
06/23/2019 8:30A‑10:00A I helped clean up a beach, which helped clean the environment a little. Even though it’s not a lot it makes a difference. 1.50
Total Hours for 2019/2020   28.75