Description Total
10/05/2019 2:30P‑4:00P I was an assistant referee for an AYSO U10 girls soccer game. 1.50
10/04/2019 5:30P‑8:00P I worked a game booth at the Mother/Son Game night at Laguna Niguel Elementary School. It was fun to give back to my elementary school. 2.50
09/27/2019 5:00P‑6:00P Group Meeting 1.00
09/24/2019 7:00P‑7:15P I prepared the Agenda for our group meeting on Friday. 0.25
09/21/2019 4:00P‑5:30P I was the center referee for a U10 Boys AYSO Game. 1.50
09/21/2019 9:00A‑12:00P I participated in the California Coastal Beach Cleanup Day at Salt Creek Beach. It felt good to clean up a beach I spend a lot of time at. 3.00
09/07/2019 8:30A‑10:00A I was the assistant referee for a U9 boys soccer game. I love to give back to the sport I love. 1.50
09/06/2019 6:00P‑7:00P I worked at a game booth at the LUFC carnival. It felt good to help raise money for a non-profit soccer organization. 1.00
08/28/2019 7:00P‑8:30P I attended the AYSO Section 11 coach and referee informational night so I could learn all of the new rules for volunteer refereeing this season. 1.50
08/22/2019 8:53P‑9:23P Member Recruitment -Tyler Q., Laguna Niguel Chapter 0.50
08/22/2019 8:36P‑9:06P Member Recruitment -Ryan H., Laguna Niguel Chapter 0.50
08/01/2019 9:30A‑11:30A During our vacation at UCLA Bruin Woods Family Resort, I participated in the Family Clean Up Day. We picked up trash and otherwise cleaned up the walking trails along Lake Arrowhead. It made me feel good because we spend a lot of time on these trails and I want these trails to be clean for me, other families and the local wildlife. 2.00
07/01/2019 1:00P‑3:30P I created guerilla art on rocks and left kind notes all over parks in Laguna Niguel. 2.50
06/30/2019 10:30A‑11:00A I answered numerous vocabulary questions. Each one I got correct donated 10 grains of rice to hungry kids. I donated over 1,000 grains of rice. 0.50
06/03/2019 5:00P‑6:30P Group Meeting 1.50
05/17/2019 4:30P‑5:30P I ran a game booth at Laguna Niguel Elementary School. It was nice to give back to the elementary school I used to attend. 1.00
05/14/2019 3:30P‑4:00P I gathered lightly used clothing and sports equipment and donated them to the Mercy Warehouse. 0.50
05/14/2019 9:01A‑9:31A Member Recruitment -Nora S., Laguna Niguel Chapter 0.50
05/02/2019 7:00P‑8:15P I attended the end of season volunteer referee meeting. We discussed new referee rules coming out June 1st. 1.25
Total Hours for 2019/2020   24.50