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Either Membership : Tax - deductible dues are $179 first year with $110* annually thereafter

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What is Lion’s Heart?
  • We are a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to provide a platform for teens who want to volunteer in their communities.
  • We place members in groups of twenty by grade level, gender, and local area. We do offer individual and family memberships for those who wish to be more independent or where it is difficult to find more members to form a group.
  • Members elect their group officers, lead their own meetings, and decide together how to serve the community. Members can also choose to volunteer on their own.
  • Members are required to serve at least 25 hours per year and attend group meetings. See Rules for more information.
  • Tax-deductible member dues are: $179 for the first year, and $110 annually thereafter. We offer hardship discounts.
  • How is Lion’s Heart Different?
  • We are not a fundraising organization! We are supported by member dues, grants, and business and personal donations.
  • We have a dedicated staff that cultivates age-appropriate volunteer opportunities in member communities, and the members choose how they want to give back!
  • From the moment our members join, they start creating their personal digital portfolio through their own member portal for volunteer hours by cause, leadership roles, and awards! This can be shared with potential employers, their schools where volunteering is required, and college applications through Parchment. See home page for an example of a member portal and digital portfolio.
  • Why Should Teens Volunteer?
    Lion’s Heart members will:
  • learn leadership skills
  • connect with like-minded students
  • foster empathy
  • enjoy a sense of purpose and positive experiences
  • learn accountability with meetings and deadlines
  • learn leadership skills
  • earn awards
  • Note

    *Boys, Girls, and Mixed groups consist of 3-20 teens of the same age with a parent acting as Class Coordinator. If a group is not yet formed in your area, you will have the opportunity to create a new group. No refunds. Access our FAQ's for more info.