Pride of Lions Family Volunteers


Tax - deductible dues are $179 first year with $110* annually thereafter

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Ages 5 & Up

We are a nonprofit organization connecting families with age-appropriate volunteer opportunities with nonprofits near them.

How to Join

Click the button below and fill out your information. You will choose a chapter that usually represents the city you are in or a city nearby. Start volunteering and log your hours.

What you Get

  • A portal for all members to log their hours
  • Age-appropriate volunteer opportunities in the portal and in email
  • Ability to earn the #BeLikeBradley Award
  • Ability for each member to earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)


OC World Guest Host Vikki Vargas Explores The Bradley Rofer Foundation

A story about The Bradley Rofer Foundation, a nonprofit inspired by 8-year-old Bradley Rofer whose life was cut short after being struck by a vehicle on his way to school and their partnership with Lion’s Heart to bring family volunteering to communities.

What Makes Lion's Heart Different?

We are a nonprofit organization.

We don’t belong to investors or owners, we belong to the community.

All money the organization makes is invested directly back into Lion’s Heart.

No Fundraising, Flexible, and Dedicated

Lion’s Heart is not a fundraising organization, instead, members are encouraged to give back to their communities in meaningful ways while building empathy and positive leadership skills.

We have dedicated staff who cultivate age-appropriate nonprofit opportunities for teens for every chapter.

Families Grow Through Service

Volunteering teaches empathy, compassion and a sense of purpose from an early age. Volunteering with family strengthens family bonds, community, and creates a positive model for giving back to those less fortunate and stepping out of comfort zones.

Young people who volunteer are likely to continue making a difference as young adults.

Pride of Lions Family Volunteers Awards



The #BeLikeBradley Award is awarded to a Pride of Lions Family who demonstrate that they clearly went above and beyond. Families will be nominated each year through the Lion's Heart website by people who know them best, including their Chapter President, peers, teachers, family, etc.


President's Volunteer Service Awards

This national award is a Presidential honor that recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers, ages 5 to adult, who are answering the President's call to serve others through their current volunteer activities. As many as 40% of our members earn this award.

Pride of Lions Family Volunteers FAQ's