While Lion's Heart is a non-profit organization, we are not a fundraising organization so we need to collect dues from our members to pay for website costs, insurance, member's t-shirts (for new members only), awards, promotional materials, and other organizational and administrative expenses.

We don't want anyone who has a dire financial hardship to miss out on serving the community through Lion's Heart, so we do offer a limited number of hardship discounts. If you would like to be considered for a full or partial discount, please confidentially fill out this form to explain your situation. To receive a hardship discount to pay renewal dues, a member must re-apply and qualify annually for a hardship code. Hardship application forms need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to their renewal/anniversary deadline/date which is found on each Member’s MyInfo/Membership page.

Yes! Lion's Heart dues are tax deductible, and we are able to accept donations. However, our members are prohibited from raising money. This is not a part of our mission. Lion's Heart Federal Tax ID number is 26-2781977.

It's so easy! Members log in and click "Membership" and pay by credit/debit card. The renewal dues are $84 for a yearly renewal. Pay through graduation rate is prorated to June 30 of the member's graduation year and will vary by member. After you pay and login again, and click on "Membership," it will state a "Paid" status. Also see, "Refund Policy."

You can then re-enroll as a returning member. You will pay the dues for a new membership and will only be placed in the former group if there is room.

The only way we know if our members are returning to Lion's Heart is when they pay their renewal dues. If a member has not done that by the deadline, we must assume they are not returning. New members are then placed into groups who have been waiting to get into Lion's Heart.


Once a member is assigned by their Chapter President, an email notification will go out to all of the email addresses provided during enrollment. The notification email will include the Class Coordinator name and group name.

We create the new 5th/6th grade groups on a first come, first serve basis. We put the first 20 in the blue group and the second 20 in the red group and so on. If friends want to be together, their best chance is to enroll at Noon (PST) on May 1st, although we cannot guarantee anything, as it depends on how many enroll each year at a particular time. As groups form, they will appear in the list and will be open to join. Members can volunteer with anyone any time, only need to attend meetings with their assigned group.

Members who have been in Lion’s Heart at least one year if you want to transfer to another group, contact your Chapter President. Your Chapter President can manually change groups for you without cost. For members who want to transfer to another chapter, please contact the Director of Operations. This can be done for you without cost.

Members in Lion’s Heart at least six months will be able to transfer groups by logging and clicking their Membership tab.

If the member earned a President's Volunteer Service Award, their name will only be listed on the Class Page of their former group. It will also be presented only from the former Class Coordinator - either at their June meeting or at the June awards event (depending on the size of the chapter).


No, a mother and son started Lion's Heart in 2004 when they wanted to create an organization for teens to serve the community. Lion's Heart is completely independent and is not faith-based.
No. The members are responsible for coming to meetings with ideas for group activities. This is the main purpose for meetings. They also discuss individual community service activities. Lion's Heart does not dictate to members which charities to help. Which charities/non-profits and how to perform community service is completely left to the members. Please see  "What is Community Service and What is Not" on this website. Lion's Heart occasionally sends out emails about volunteer opportunities as a courtesy when we are contacted with requests.
No forms are required with Lion's Heart. Members simply enter their community service hours on their online volunteer log, including a contact name and phone number. Our Class Coordinators periodically and randomly spot-check our members' logs for integrity, but we don't require any forms to be filled out. For the most part, it is the honor system. After all, we are all volunteering!


Awards and Awards Events

If you have a specific enrollment question, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator.

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