Purposely, Lion’s Heart has few rules. However, the following rules are strictly enforced. Please read them carefully.


All hours must be logged onto the website before noon (PST) on April 30th of each year in order to possibly qualify for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. (See “Awards“ and “What is Community Service” on this website.)


Groups are required to schedule six meetings annually. Members will be required to attend 4 of the 6 meetings in order to maintain their group Membership status. Members who do not fulfill this requirement will have their status updated to Individual Member. Group Members have meetings to get to know each other, share ideas, learn Robert’s Rules of Order and plan group service events. Group meetings should avoid school breaks and national holidays. Groups have found that meetings held on Sundays in the late afternoon or early evening have the best attendance. Members usually take turns hosting the meetings, or the Class Coordinator will hold them in his or her own home. It’s also a good idea to hold meetings before or after a service activity.


To renew your membership, login to your account and click on the membership tab. The renewal dues are due by your anniversary date. (See Refund Policy" for further details.)


Lion's Heart encourages members to focus on community service activities that involve giving time, attention, and resources. Participation in fundraising activities while representing Lion's Heart is discouraged. No member shall collect monetary donations. However, members may volunteer to support fundraising events and activities in other capacities (i.e. welcoming guests, giving a speech, collecting canned goods, passing out water etc.).


Members are expected to act respectfully of others during Lion’s Heart meetings and volunteering. While volunteering or if a Class Coordinator feels a member is not acting respectfully, Lion's Heart can require a parent to attend the next three meetings and all volunteering activities until the third meeting. If a parent is not in attendance, the member will not receive credit for attending that meeting or volunteer activity. If the member continues to act inappropriately after the third meeting or at volunteer activities, the member will be resigned from Lion’s Heart immediately. It is completely at the discretion of the Class Coordinator and Lion's Heart management to implement this rule.


Members may transfer to another group in their chapter by contacting their Chapter President. To transfer to another chapter, please contact the Operations Director or Community Manager at info@lionsheartservice.org. It is up to the member to request availability in the group to which they wish to transfer. Neither the Class Coordinator nor the Chapter President will keep track of requests or notify member when an opening is available. Members are allowed 2 group assignments per Lion’s Heart year, which runs May 1 - April 30.