Purposely, Lion’s Heart has few rules. However, the following rules are strictly enforced. Please read them carefully.


All hours must be logged onto the website before noon (PST) on April 30th of each year. (See “What is Community Service” on this website.)


Each group is required to meet 8 times each year. It is mandatory for each Group to hold a May meeting in which all officers are elected. Members must not miss more than three meetings a year. After missing the fourth meeting, the Member will be deemed "archived." For groups that are formed after June 1st, they must schedule 6 meetings and Members may not miss more than 2. For Members starting after meetings have taken place, the rule is that no Member may miss half of the remaining meetings.


All officer positions are to be held by Members for a one-year term, starting in May and ending on April 30th of each year. Elections for new officers will be the first meeting in May.


The deadline to renew Membership by paying the returning dues is noon (PST) on April 15th. If the Membership Dues are not paid between February 1st and noon (PST) on April 15th, the Membership ends on April 30th. A Member may re-enroll starting on May 15th but will pay the new Member Dues, which are higher, but only if they were eligible to continue by logging in the required hours and attended enough meetings. Also, that Member may only be assigned to their former group if there is space available. (See Refund Policy" for further details.)


Lion's Heart is not a fundraising organization. However, Members are encouraged to volunteer for charities that have their own fundraising efforts. No Member shall collect money for a charity as part of a separate effort.


Members are expected to act respectfully of others during Lion’s Heart meetings and volunteering. If the Class Coordinator feels a Member is not acting respectfully or appropriately, that Member will be required to have a parent attend the next six meetings and all volunteering activities until the sixth meeting. If a parent is not in attendance at a meeting or during volunteering, the Member will not receive credit for attending that meeting nor be able to log in the volunteer time. If the Member continues to act inappropriately after the sixth meeting, the Member will be resigned from Lion’s Heart immediately.


Returning Members may transfer to another group or another chapter between May 1st and October 1st. There is a transfer fee. It is up to the Member to keep track of availability in the group they wish to transfer to. Neither the Class Coordinator nor the Chapter President will keep track of requests. Upon login, a Member selects Membership > Transfer Request, and follows the directions if they are eligible to transfer. Transfers are not allowed for new, first-year Members.


If a Member in good standing moves 30 or more miles away, the Member may transfer to a Chapter and group in their new area (if there is a Chapter and a group with space available). There is no transfer fee for these Members and they may do so at any time during the year. The Member MUST contact the Director of Operations (see information on Contact page) between October 2nd and April 30th. Otherwise, the Member can perform this function online through logging in and selecting Membership > Transfer Request, and following the directions.