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About Our Members:

Members range in age from 12-18 and must perform at least 30 hours of community service each year. Each group elects their own officers, conducts its monthly meetings, and decides how to serve the community. Lion's Heart does not require parent or adult chaperones unless an organization dictates this as a requirement. Our Members do not have forms for you to fill out or sign when they volunteer. Volunteer hours for Lion's Heart are reported on the honor system.

Your Part:

At least two weeks before you need our Members, click on the button above to start the request volunteers process.

Our Part:

Lion's Heart has a Volunteer Outreach Manager who reviews the volunteer opportunity, details and contact information you send. The Volunteer Outreach Manager will then determine which chapter(s) should receive each request, depending on the geographical location of the opportunity. An email will be sent one time with the volunteer opportunity. This email will be sent approximately 10 days or closer to the date the Members are needed. The volunteer opportunity will also be listed on each chapter's public calendar. It is up to each Member and/or group to contact the person or organization if they wish to help. Lion's Heart management does not coordinate these efforts. If a Member wants to volunteer for you, they will contact you! Our Members will show up wearing their blue Lion's Heart t-shirt and a smile, ready to help!!


Q. Why such a short lead time? A. Our experience is that most teenagers do not plan for these type of activities much in advance.

Q. What if we need adult volunteers to work with the teen volunteers? A. You may require or request this when giving us the details of the opportunity, but just realize this will narrow the response.

Q. Since all of your Members are students, should we assume we can only get help after school and on the weekends? A. Not necessarily! Some of our Members are home schooled, and some are older high school students with free periods, late starts and early outs. Also, there are many holidays throughout the year and the entire summer.

Q. Can we request only older Members due to the activity? What if we need the volunteers to bring their own gloves or a tool, for example? A. Yes, you can specify an age range if the job requires it. If the volunteers need to bring something, just include that in your request. It's usually not a problem. If you are providing a meal or refreshments, include the details. But our Members cannot accept anything more than that.

Q. What if a Member who came to help, isn't really helping at all? A. Feel free to ask the Member to leave. Please make sure an adult is called if the Member did not drive himself or herself there. We would be disappointed to hear of such an issue, but we do want to know if one of our Members has caused a problem. Please call or email the Operations Director.