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10/05/2019 10:00A‑12:00P We helped up for the Scarsdale Fall Scarecrow Festival. We spread out hay and arranged pumpkins for painting. 2.00
09/22/2019 10:00A‑2:00P We helped Afya foundation sort medical supplies. 4.00
09/20/2019 7:00P‑8:00P Group Meeting 1.00
09/08/2019 12:00P‑3:00P We made dishwasher packs for homeless and needy people for the 9/11 program. 3.00
07/14/2019 9:30A‑12:45P We helped the Afya Foundation sort medical equipment for the hurricane in Louisiana. 3.25
07/04/2019 10:00A‑12:00P I handed out food for the 4th of July Parade in Edgewood. The Parade was organized by the Arthur Manor Neighborhood Association. 2.00
06/29/2019 10:30A‑12:30P We cleaned up a neighborhood pond from twigs and trash. The organization is Crane Berkeley Ponds & Park. 2.00
06/23/2019 7:30A‑11:45A We gave out color-coded lanyards for the connection to ALS. This was Walk to Defeat ALS. 4.25
06/22/2019 6:30A‑10:04A We helped Head For The Cure set up and register people for their 5k walk. We got to meet some survivors of brain cancer and that was really cool. 3.57
06/10/2019 5:30P‑7:00P We made Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches for the Hope shelter in New Rochelle. This was important because another a shelter has food. 1.50
06/02/2019 9:30A‑12:30P For National Trails Day I cleaned up the Saxon Woods hike. This was a group activity and we found a lot of glass and trash. 3.00
06/01/2019 1:45P‑4:00P We delivered cookies and cupcakes to the officers at the police station. This was really important because they keep us safe. 2.25
05/31/2019 8:30P‑9:15P We made cupcakes that we will deliver to the police department. This is very important because they help keep us safe. 0.75
05/31/2019 7:00P‑8:00P Group Meeting 1.00
05/28/2019 8:15P‑8:30P The troops help us and giving them a little care package is nothing to what they do for us but still it's something and that's what's most important. 0.25
05/19/2019 4:00P‑4:45P We delivered brownies to the Open Arms Shelter which is a part of a group called Lifting Up Westchester where these people help homeless people and give them food and shelter. People deserve to have a home and a shelter that is why this is important. 0.75
05/18/2019 12:30P‑1:45P I made brownies and will soon deliver them to a homeless shelter in White Plains. This is important to me because many people are dying of hunger. We should do something to stop this. 1.25
05/11/2019 3:00P‑3:45P People make us have fun at the Edgewood Fair these people deserve some help for their work. That is why it is important. 0.75
05/11/2019 9:00A‑11:00A This was important because this was my last year at Edgewood and this fair is a huge part of the year I wanted to help my school make everyone's Edgewood Fair nice like I have had every year I have been in the school. 2.00
05/10/2019 7:30P‑8:30P My community service project was The Honor Flight which I contributed by creating posters for the troops to greet them and thank them. This was important to me because the troops keep us safe and we should respect them. 1.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   39.57