Description Total
01/12/2020 6:00P‑6:45P Group Meeting 0.75
01/11/2020 7:00A‑11:00A Picked weeds and cleared trials on public lands for the Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo. 4.00
12/16/2019 4:00P‑6:00P Cleaned and Organized for next packing event. Fixed and inspected sealers for food packing. Tested scales for food prep and weight inspection. Cleaned all food containers. Packed food safety gloves in ziplocks for handling food. 2.00
10/20/2019 6:00P‑7:00P Group Meeting 1.00
10/20/2019 5:00P‑6:00P We packed candy for military into bags for military and this made me feel good because I helped people in need. 1.00
10/12/2019 9:00A‑11:00A We picked up trash along Doheny Beach, we used gloves and bags and picked up small pieces of plastic, cigarettes, and styrofoam. This made me feel good because all this stuff did not end up in the ocean where it will degrade our environment. 2.00
09/30/2019 4:30P‑5:30P We helped unload Fam pachaging from a truck. It made me feel very good to see all the smiles we caused. 1.00
08/25/2019 5:45P‑7:15P Group Meeting 1.50
08/16/2019 12:00P‑2:45P I went to a school and stapled papers for kids and also tested markers. This was important to me because it took three hours to staple all those packets and it showed me how lucky most people are and how they don't think about who made the packets they were given on the first day of school. 2.75
07/23/2019 7:15A‑12:30P I did meal packing for hungry kids. It was really important to me because there are so many kids in the world that don't have food even in the United States kids are hungry. Each packet had six meals in it, but only weighed 395 grams. this showed me how lucky I am and how I have so much more food then a lot of people in this world 5.25
07/22/2019 9:00A‑10:15A I picked up trash along trails one beach. This was important to me because there is so much trash on our beaches and in our waters that it is important to do a little part to try to fix that. 1.25
07/01/2019 12:00P‑1:00P I cleaned up the beach along trails one. This was important to me because there is so much trash out in the world that picking up trash is really important to help the environment and the world. 1.00
06/29/2019 12:00P‑2:00P San Clemente Little League is hosting the all star tournament at Vista Hermosa sport park. I worked the snack bar serving guests for two hours. this was important to me because there was little volunteers so It made me feel good to be one of the few people helping out. 2.00
06/02/2019 6:30P‑8:00P Group Meeting 1.50
05/30/2019 8:00P‑9:00P Beach Cleanup - Pier to T-Street in San clemente. I helped save the beach by picking up plastic. 1.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   28.00