Description Total
01/12/2020 5:00P‑5:30P Group Meeting 0.50
12/07/2019 1:00P‑7:00P I volunteered at a local community theatre to help the younger kids who go there. They put on the frozen show while I helped backstage with the teachers. 6.00
11/23/2019 3:00P‑4:15P We packed the donated shoeboxes into larger cardboard boxes that we packed into a truck to take to the kids that will receive them for Christmas. 1.25
11/17/2019 5:00P‑5:30P Group Meeting 0.50
11/17/2019 2:00P‑5:00P Before our meeting, I shopped for supplies and made sample cards for our group.Our group made holiday cards for seniors in senior centers. These cards may be the only thing a senior recieves during the holidays. At the end, I checked the cards, and then mailed them. 3.00
11/16/2019 8:30A‑10:30A While volunteering at the food bank, we packed over 1000 boxes full of at least 3 days of food for a family. These boxes could make someones week so much better. 2.00
11/11/2019 5:00P‑7:00P We made toys for the dogs in the shelter, and then a few days later, we got together again and delivered them as a group. This made the dogs so happy, and gave them something new to play with, without the shelter having to spend any money. 2.00
10/25/2019 4:30P‑6:30P I volunteered to decorate and be an actor in our schools haunted house, to raise money for my middle school. 2.00
10/13/2019 5:00P‑5:45P Group Meeting 0.75
10/13/2019 3:45P‑5:00P As a group, we made bags of candy for veterans. This helped the veterans find happiness during Halloween time, even if they couldn't be with their families. 1.25
09/22/2019 5:30P‑6:00P Group Meeting 0.50
Total Hours for 2019/2020   19.75