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Description Total
08/08/2021 9:00A‑5:00P I moved tables, furniture and supplies at Canyon Hills Friends church. I transported tables and supplies to set up, tear down, and clean up after an event. This volunteer activity was important to me. I enjoy helping in anyway I can and my actions during this activity helped make sure all of the supplies were returned safely and successfully. 8.00
07/28/2021 5:00P‑8:00P I helped the 12 and under OC Tiger football team prepare for their fall football season. I helped the quarterbacks learn how to use footwork to help them throw a football accurately. I taught the quarterbacks how to correctly hold and throw a football. The younger quarterbacks appreciated my insight and knowledge. This volunteer activity was important to me in many ways. Many of the players w 3.00
06/26/2021 6:00P‑8:30P I volunteered at the San Antonio Family movie night. I helped make bags of popcorn for families. I cleaned up after movie night to make sure my church's parish center looked better than when I got there. 2.50
Total Hours for 2021/2022   13.50