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Description Total
01/22/2023 4:00P‑5:00P I helped do a beach clean up with my IB marine class at T-Street beach 1.00
01/22/2023 4:00P‑5:00P I helped do a beach clean up with my IB marine class at T-Street beach 1.00
01/22/2023 4:00P‑5:00P I helped do a beach clean up with my IB marine class at T-Street beach 1.00
12/07/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I helped after school tutoring at my school 1.50
Total Hours for 2023/2024 3.00
12/04/2022 4:00P‑5:00P Group Meeting 1.00
11/19/2022 3:30P‑4:30P I helped doing a beach clean up with my marine class. 1.00
11/09/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I helped tutor and gave a tour of our schools campus ! 1.50
11/06/2022 5:00P‑6:00P Made thanksgiving cards for meals on wheels which is a senior center local to us. 1.00
11/06/2022 4:30P‑5:30P Group Meeting 1.00
11/02/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I helped tutor after school! 1.50
10/19/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I helped tutor after school! 1.50
09/28/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I helped tutor after school! 1.50
09/21/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I was a tutor for our schools after school tutoring program. 1.50
09/14/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I was a tutor for other students in our after school tutoring program that our school provides. 1.50
09/07/2022 3:30P‑5:00P I was a tutor for other students at our after school tutoring our school provides. 1.50
08/11/2022 7:00A‑1:00P Today was our final big day for the freshman orientation. We went all out and welcomed them into our high school 6.00
08/09/2022 8:00A‑1:00P Today was our second day of training for link crew and we met our partners and bought gifts and attire for our freshman! 5.00
08/08/2022 8:00A‑1:00P I am part of this organization at school called Link Crew to welcome in the freshman. Today we had training for our upcoming event 5.00
06/22/2022 9:00A‑3:00P As we left the safari park we headed to the airport and made our way back home. And while we had our layovers we continued to shop for our families and bring back souvenirs. 6.00
06/21/2022 9:00A‑3:00P As we were at the safari park we doing worship and trying to help others around with the presence of God. 6.00
06/20/2022 9:00A‑3:00P This day we left the care point and went to the Saraí park. But as we were not at the care point we continued to help others around us and continue to worship. 6.00
06/19/2022 9:00A‑3:00P This was our final day at the care point. We cleaned up the whole place. We gave gifts that we brought to all the important people that work at the care point. 6.00
06/18/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today is day six and we finished up painting just in the nick of time. It was the last day of the VBS and it was heartbreaking. But we had such a fun last day and we made them a huge meal and gave them a drink. These kids were just so so happy for us and happy that they could have a yummy meal. We jammed out with the worship music and just had a great ending. 6.00
06/17/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today was day five we started off the day at the secondary school along with every other day. By this day at the VBS all the kids knew all the songs and were just smiling from ear to ear when they saw each one of us. 6.00
06/16/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today is day four we gave all the kids at the care point pinwheels and they were beyond ecstatic just to receive this pinwheel. We play games and did Bile story’s alone with worship songs. 6.00
06/15/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today was day three and painted the care point and fixed it up so the kids could play and not get hurt. Then we gave all the little kids backpacks filled with school supplies and they were soo happy! Following up with VBS later on. 6.00
06/14/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today was day two of our VBS and in the morning we went to the secondary and primary schools and sang some worship and testimonies. Later on in the day at the care point we passed out cups that they could take home and use later on. 6.00
06/13/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today was day one of our VBS we did some Bible story’s and welcomed them to the care point along with some worship. 6.00
06/12/2022 9:00A‑3:00P Today we got everything ready for the VBS and introduced ourself to the community. And got ready for the next day, which was day one of VBS. 6.00
06/11/2022 9:00A‑3:00P This was the second day of the trip where we somewhat made it half way to the trip and continued to worship and have a loving spirit towards all. 6.00
06/10/2022 9:00A‑3:00P This was the first day of the trip to our African missions trip. We took the first flight and headed to Africa. We packed all the gifts and donations that were offered. 6.00
Total Hours for 2022/2023   110.00