Description Total
10/12/2019 9:45A‑2:45P I took care of children while their moms listened to various lectures during the conference. 5.00
09/22/2019 1:30P‑6:00P Helped elderly people get to their seats. Cleaned up theater after the show. Presented the raffle prize during intermission. 4.50
09/14/2019 6:45A‑2:00P We helped disabled go surfing and boogie boarding and played in the sand with them. 7.25
08/17/2019 5:30P‑7:00P I helped set up the Freshman Dance. We made posters and blew up balloons and served water. 1.50
08/09/2019 7:30A‑10:30A I helped the kindergarteners with a special project of making a chick a boom boom tree out of paper. We cut out the trunk and branches and glued it together. 3.00
08/03/2019 3:30P‑7:30P I helped at the "Musical Extravaganza" table making arts and crafts with children. I helped them color paper plates and tie strings around them to make them look like harps or they could make tambourines. It is very educational for children to learn about musical instruments. 4.00
Total Hours for 2019/2020   25.25